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Holistic Nursing: Then and Now
Holism has played a part in nursing since the beginning and its impact continues to grow.
Advance for Nurses - 15 hours 24 minutes ago

Medical Implant Devices Skate Through Review Process, Studies Claim
Every day, people receive medical implants -- artificial valves, hip replacements, surgical mesh and the like -- that may not have been rigorously tested before or after their approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, two new studies contend.
HealthDay - 15 hours 25 minutes ago

'Teen Mom' Lambasted for Smoking and Breastfeeding. How Bad Is It?
Negative press is nothing strange for reality star Jenelle Evans — one of four drama-prone young women whose lives are documented, for better or worse, on the MTV series “Teen Mom 2.” But this time, Evans, 22, has managed to rile up the neonatal health crowd, with Twitter evidence that she’s been smoking cigarettes — despite still breastfeeding the younger of her two kids, 2-month-old Kaiser.
Yahoo Health - 1 day ago

Roche Drug Proven Worthy To Extend The Life Of Patients Suffering From Breast Cancer
Recently, Roche pharmaceutical manufacturer has given an account of the effective combination therapy against breast cancer. The company reported that the women suffering from breast cancer that tests positive for HER2 protein respond better to combination chemotherapy- Perjeta and Herceptin.
Google Health News - 1 day ago

Early memory lapses may be sign of dementia
At least once a week a patient will come into Dr. Thomas Loepfe's busy geriatric clinic in Lacrosse, Wisconsin, with a worry. She will tell him she's been misplacing her glasses lately, or he'll say he's concerned about losing the car keys.
CNN Health - 4 days ago

Clues to how people bounce back from surgery
One of the big frustrations of surgery: There's little way to know if you'll be a fast or slow healer, someone who feels back to normal in a week or is out of work for a month with lingering pain and fatigue.
AP Health News - 4 days ago

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